You Won’t Believe This Is A Law, But Your Kansas City Traffic Lawyer Know Them

Most people in Missouri have had to deal with a traffic ticket. We are all familiar with the importance of stopping at red lights, signaling when turning and not texting while we drive. But imagine getting pulled over for a bizarre offense you didn’t even realize was illegal. With all the bizarre laws out there, traffic laws are definitely a part of that reality. No one knows more about the strange laws that can land you in traffic court than a Kansas City traffic lawyer. Just think about this scenario: your friend is the passenger in your car and you are driving down the road. As your friend leans over and honks your horn at a slow driver in front of you, you notice a police officer to your right. As you pass, you see the red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. While you may be completely ignorant of what is happening, the officer is giving you a ticket. It is illegal to honk another person’s horn in Missouri. A lot of other states have weird traffic laws in place. In Kansas, you can receive a misdemeanor charge for screeching your tires while driving. Besides getting a ticket, you can spend up to a month in jail. Another Kansas law outlaws the transportation of dead poultry on Kansas Avenue. A lot of traffic laws out there get very specific. In Iowa, it is actually illegal to throw your Red Ryder onto the highway. Think twice before you do it, or you may need a lawyer to defend you. If you like reading comic books while you drive, don’t do it in Oklahoma. It’s against the law. Causing a ruckus is a good way to get pulled over. Arkansas has determined that blaring a car horn where ice cold drinks or sandwiches are served is illegal after 9 p.m. We can all appreciate laws preventing littering, but what about monitoring clean language? Get caught yelling swear words out of your car in Rockville, Maryland, and you’ll have the law to deal with. They can slap you with a misdemeanor for violation. You can get in trouble in New York for disrobing in a car. Another important measure was put in place in South Carolina where they made it illegal to store trash in your vehicle to help reduce rat problems. And finally, nothing says “animal rights” more than Alaska, where it is illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car. Kansas City traffic lawyers know about some of the most outlandish ways you can get in trouble. They have actually faced the court system in fighting to keep their clients out of trouble over silly violations. You may not have known about the law before, but you can still fight back now. Getting a ticket for speeding or running a red light is annoying enough. There’s no reason to put up with getting a ticket for something you didn’t even know was illegal in the first place without a fight.