Who Uses Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers Most?

For months or even years, people struggle under the weight of burdensome debt that could easily be dealt with by hiring a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer. If you look at the actual statistics, there are people from every walk of life who utilize bankruptcy services at some point or another. Everyone deserves a second chance. Your future can be different regardless of what landed you in the financial spot you are currently. Research shows that today, there are more older, married people filing for bankruptcy than before. Financial planning and foresight is so vital for families. But it doesn’t always protect you from each and every circumstance in life. A financial crisis can not always be saved for or predicted. While some have simply been irresponsible with finances, there are many others who prepared as much as they could, and were still caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances. The numbers show that men and women file bankruptcy at nearly the same rate, 48 to 52 respectively. Your marital status doesn’t protect you either. The number of married couples filing has grown in the past four years. More than 64 percent of filers in 2010 were married, while 17 percent were single, 15 percent divorced, and 3 percent widowed. Although married couples are typically more fiscally responsible, they also usually have greater financial demands and commitments. No matter how much you plan, the future is unpredictable. There are people represented by all levels of education in bankruptcy filings. Of those who filed in 2010, 36 percent had a high school education. This is followed by 29 percent with some college education, 20 percent with a bachelors degree or higher. The number of those with higher education filing has risen by 16 percent in the past four years. The moral of the story is that those from all backgrounds and walks of life find themselves in need of help from time to time. Making less money can put you at greater risk for a bankruptcy. Income showed significant correlations to bankruptcy statistics. Sixty percent of people who earn a salary of less than $30,000 a year filed for bankruptcy. Income doesn’t tell it all, however. Those who earned more than $60,000 a year and filed for bankruptcy grew by four percent. More money is a big help in keeping up with living expenses. But it can’t help with every financial need, especially unexpected ones. There are a wide variety of people who find themselves in tough financial situations, and the best thing to do is to hire a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer to help you out.