Understanding Why You Need a Kansas City Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Kansas City Traffic Lawyer Missouri

When it comes to interactions with the police, for most people that means dealing with traffic issues. Whether this is a parking ticket, a speeding ticket, or something else within that realm, these can add up on one another quickly to become an expensive problem. In addition to that, if you end up with multiple traffic violations you can find yourself in a situation where your very license is threatened. To avoid this type of black hole scenario that just keeps getting worse and worse, you need to find a Kansas City traffic ticket lawyer who understands the local rules.

Driving Record Points In Missouri

One of the major reasons people want quality attorneys with experience regarding traffic ticket cases is the fact that Missouri goes by a point system that gets progressively more punishing depending on the number of penalties you incur. In fact, you can lose your license if you gain too many points within a certain number of days. Having a traffic ticket doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will have points on your record, but this can happen. Generally speaking if you end up with 8 total points within any year and a half long period (18 month) you lose your license. That’s a stiff penalty, and if you have lost your license before for this reason then you will have an even worse penalty. For example, a first suspension is 30 days while a second one is 60 days, and any additional suspensions after that are 90 days. However, this isn’t the only suspension table. Even other than the 8 points over 18 months there are also more severe penalties for certain other penalties. An example of this are the series of “year long penalties” that can be handed down by Missouri’s DOR.

You will lose your license for a full year if you:

  • Rack up 12 points or more within any given one year period (12 total months)
  • Rack up 18 points or more within any given two year period (24 total months)
  • Rack up 24 or more total points within any three year period (36 total months)

This means you’re not completely in the clear after any given 18 month period – there are always rolling averages that can threaten your license. A great attorney will know all the tricks to help keep the points off the record wile resolving the issue.

Suspension Versus Revocation

Many people don’t know the difference between license suspension versus having a license that is actually revoked. A suspended license is a temporary loss of your license which can be for varied amounts of time depending on why exactly the suspension took place. Revocation is much more serious and refers to the actual complete removal of a Missouri driver’s license. There is no option for getting another license until a pre-set amount of penalty time is met.

In Conclusion

While one or two traffic tickets here or there might not be a problem, if you want to make sure those points don’t stack up then make sure to get a Kansas City traffic ticket lawyer who can help guide you through the process for the best final judgment you can hope for.