The Biggest Causes For Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyer Cases In The U.S.

  Who plans on losing all their money and requiring assistance from a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer? No one, but it still happens. Debt accrues interest, fees, and grows beyond what many would ever imagine. At some point, it’s simply unmanageable. While having a shopping addiction can land some people in financial trouble, this is not commonly the cause. More often than not some kind of crisis occurs, and there either isn’t any savings or there isn’t enough to deal with the fallout. For most people, medical costs are what lead them to needing to file for bankruptcy. In over half of all bankruptcies, medical expenses were listed as the cause according to a Harvard study. Out of those that filed, 78% had health insurance of some kind. Even the most conservative, careful spenders can find themselves in a bad medical situation that wipes out their finances. If you are unable to pay your medical bills, deal with daily harassment from bill collectors, or find that you don’t have any money left over at the end of the month for your needs, it’s time to talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Losing a job, and therefore income, is the second most common cause for bankruptcy filings. When you need a job to pay your bills, it’s easy to see how you can wind up in a bad financial predicament without one. Others end up losing their job in the midst of a medical crisis, leading to a compounded and difficult financial predicament. Some people get laid off in a bad economy, and are unable to find a job that pays them the amount they were used to. The longer that a person struggles to find a job that pays them well, the more likely it is that a bankruptcy will be needed to pull them out of financial ruin. Taking out too many loans or spending too much on credit cards falls at number three on the list of bankruptcy causes. Whether it’s borrowing more than you can afford, or missing payments on your credit cards, bankruptcy is sometimes the only way to get past a mountain of debt that would otherwise take a lifetime to pay off. There’s no doubt that debt can ruin your life. If you have been missing payments on loans or credit cards, using debt to pay for your normal bills or on other debts, or are facing court with collections, it’s time to call a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. While a separation or divorce is devastating emotionally, it can also ruin your finances. Getting a divorce results in loads of legal fees, requires the dividing up of assets, and involves child support or alimony payments more often than not. It’s no wonder many people find themselves in financial ruin afterwards. Everyone wants to be able to start over after a divorce. Sometimes, a bankruptcy is the only way to really do that. In general, unforeseen expenses make up the fifth most common cause for bankruptcy. Whether it’s something major like losing your house in a disaster that your home insurance won’t pay for, or totaling your car, these types of big expenses can have an effect on every other area of your finances. When everything else is falling apart, take comfort in this. There is somewhere you can turn to. Rather than allowing the rest of your life to be ruined, get a hold of a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. They can help you pick up the pieces, get a new start, and move on to the life that you want.