Peculiar Traffic Laws Only a Traffic Lawyer Would Know


Peculiar Traffics Laws Require a Traffic Law Expert

When the thought of a traffic ticket pops into your mind, most likely you think of speeding. That radar gun catches you just at the right time when your foot was a little too heavy on the gas pedal. But did you know there are some peculiar traffic laws that can get you pulled over as well?

No one knows more about the strange laws that can land you in traffic court than the Kansas City traffic lawyers of Kentner Wyatt.

Strange Laws in Missouri and Kansas

Consider this scenario: Annoyed by a car in front of you, your friend in the passenger seat leans over and honks the horn as you drive down the road. A police officer sees the action as you pass, and it isn’t a minute before the lights flash and the sirens blare, signaling for you to pull over. Your violation is real and prosecutable under Missouri law, as you are not allowed to honk another person’s horn.

Just across the state line, Kansas also has its share of strange traffic laws. You can receive a misdemeanor charge for screeching your tires while driving, which could result in up to 30 days of jail time. Another Kansas law outlaws the transportation of dead poultry on Kansas Avenue. Who would have known?

Odd Traffic Laws across the Country

Other Midwest states contain peculiar traffic laws as well. If you throw your Red Ryder wagon onto the highway in Iowa, you’ll get in trouble with the law. Oklahoma has made it illegal to read a comic book while driving. And don’t even think about honking your horn outside of a place where ice cold drinks and sandwiches are served in Arkansas. You can get a ticket.

You need to think twice before you use foul language in your car in Rockville, Maryland. There it is illegal to swear from your vehicle unless you are willing to receive a possible misdemeanor. Here’s a few others:

  • In New York, it’s illegal to disrobe in a car.
  • In South Carolina, it’s illegal to store trash in your car.
  • In Alaska, you can’t tether your dog to the roof of your car.

Kansas City traffic lawyers are no strangers to strange laws. The attorneys at Kentner Wyatt are the ones who know how to fight bizarre violations like this. Don’t waste your money or take a hit on your driving record due to a law you had no idea existed. If you have found yourself charged with one of these peculiar traffic laws, give us a call today at 816-527-0010 or contact us for a free consultation.