Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers And The Top Causes Of Financial Distress

Despite the fact that everyone wants to deal well with money, not everything always goes as planned and many people find themselves in need of a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer. Sometimes financial predicaments spiral out of control. Excessive spending or the use of credit cards is only one possible reason. The majority of the time something comes up in the form of a crisis, and the money simply isn’t there. At the top of the list for reasons to file for bankruptcy is medical expenses. A Harvard study found that over half of all bankruptcies filed were due to medical expenses that people could not pay for. Sadly, 78% of those people had some form of health insurance. No matter how prepared you are, bad things can happen and take a massive toll on your finances. If you are unable to pay your medical bills, deal with daily harassment from bill collectors, or find that you don’t have any money left over at the end of the month for your needs, it’s time to talk with a bankruptcy attorney. Unsurprisingly, losing a job is the second most common reason for bankruptcy filings. When you need a job to pay your bills, it’s easy to see how you can wind up in a bad financial predicament without one. Others end up losing their job in the midst of a medical crisis, leading to a compounded and difficult financial predicament. In the past decade especially, many people have experienced layoffs without comparable jobs waiting to replace their income. If the time between decent paying jobs stretches out to months and years, bankruptcy sometimes is the only option for people to start over. In the middle of the list of bankruptcy causes is excessive borrowing or too much credit card debt. Some people are chronic spenders, while others start to miss payments on credit cards that eventually snowball into massive debts. The problem with debts is that what you owe only grows. It’s easy to see how missed loan or credit card payments can quickly get out of hand. There are some common signs that you need a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer. Call if you are missing debt payments, using credit to pay bills or other debts off, or have been dealing with collections. There is no part of your life that separation or divorce doesn’t touch. Many don’t realize the financial strain that comes along with it. Divorces bring tons of legal expenses, force the dividing of assets, and usually involve some type of child support or alimony payments. It’s incredibly expensive when it’s all said and done. Sometimes, a bankruptcy is the only way for people to truly start over following a massive change like that. Finally, the fifth most common cause behind a bankruptcy is simply unforeseen expenses. Something dramatic, like losing your home in a financial disaster that isn’t covered by insurance, can leave your life in shambles. It also affects other areas of your life. No matter what it is that got you here, you still have options. Find a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney to help you turn your life around, and move on from the past.