Infographic Video On Missouri Bankruptcy Trends By Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers

Having to file for bankruptcy is something that no one ever imagines they’ll have to go through. Filing for bankruptcy is not uncommon. That statement is even more true if you live in Missouri. Out of the entire United States, Missouri comes in at 14th for bankruptcy filings. In total, there have been 14,489 bankruptcy filings as of September 2015. Those numbers represent a full and busy year for the Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers dedicated to helping people and businesses get out of the debt that has held them back for so long. The reasons behind each bankruptcy filing may be different, but everyone who files for bankruptcy has reached a point where they need help to start over. Each bankruptcy is different, and will need to be qualified under a specific categorization set by legal standards. The one you get will depend on a variety of factors. When Missouri residents need a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers, they have access to the best. With professional help you can find out what is best for your specific situation, and be on your way to a new start. No two cases are exactly alike. But statistics reveal some trends in Missouri filings this year. There were 14,489 bankruptcy filings completed as of September of 2015, and 9,906 of those, or 69%, were chapter 7’s. A chapter 7 can be filed by either an individual or a business, and applies to most kinds of debts. All assets are examined in this type of bankruptcy. Whatever can be sold is, and at that point a trustee is put in charge of paying that money to creditors. Creditors are not allowed to ask for anymore payment from you after that is accomplished, and the remainder of the debt is cancelled. The second most common type of Missouri bankruptcy in September were chapter 13’s. They made up 4,537 or 31% of all the bankruptcies filed in that month. Following this type of declaration, a person is put on a payment plan lasting anywhere from three to five years, while avoiding interest payments in the meantime. This is all determined based on your income, debt amount and type. Based on that information, you will pay back anywhere from 10% to 100% of your debt amount. Fortunately, the number of bankruptcies has decreased since last year. At the exact same time in the previous year, Kansas City bankruptcy attorneys had filed 9% more than they have currently. In total, that left Missouri with 3.23 bankruptcy filings per capita by September 2015. While Tennessee had the most bankruptcies filed to this point, Missouri is the 14th highest filer. In good times and bad, through recessions and economic booms, bankruptcy lawyers in Missouri continue to provide services to individuals, families, and businesses who need a way out of their debt. Although the precise cases behind your bankruptcy may differ from another person’s, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you. There’s no reason to stay in debt. Talk with an attorney today.