Infographic – The Weirdest Laws That Will Land You In Traffic Court

Kansas City Traffic Lawyer Driving Laws

Traffic tickets are a common thing in Missouri. We are all familiar with the importance of stopping at red lights, signaling when turning and not texting while we drive. But imagine getting pulled over for a bizarre offense you didn’t even realize was illegal. Think about some of the strange laws you’ve heard about over the years. Traffic laws are not immune to that. If you talk with a Kansas City traffic lawyer, they can inform you of a variety of surprising ways you can wind up in traffic court. Start with this scenario. You are driving with your friend riding shotgun. A vehicle in front of you fails to go when a light turns green, so your bold friend leans over and honks the horn. The officer next to you notices. You don’t get much further before you hear the sirens and see the lights. You have to pull over. While you may be completely ignorant of what is happening, the officer is giving you a ticket. It is illegal to honk another person’s horn in Missouri. Missouri isn’t alone in this. In Kansas, you can receive a misdemeanor charge for screeching your tires while driving. Forget traffic tickets. You can go to jail for 30 days. Kansas is also home to the law making the transportation of dead poultry on Kansas Avenue illegal. Why only outlaw speeding if you can get down to the nitty gritty details of driving? Don’t worry, because plenty of states have seen to it. Expect a run in with police if you throw your Red Ryder onto the highway in Iowa. Only an attorney can save you from such an awful charge. Oklahoma has made it illegal to read a comic book while driving. Keeping the noise down is another important part of traffic laws. If you need to blare your horn outside of a place where ice cold drinks or sandwiches are served and it is after 9 p.m., forget about it. Cussing in traffic is prosecutable. Be careful all you road raging drivers out there. You aren’t allowed to swear from your vehicle in Rockville, Maryland. They can slap you with a misdemeanor for violation. You can get in trouble in New York for disrobing in a car. Another important measure was put in place in South Carolina where they made it illegal to store trash in your vehicle to help reduce rat problems. Unfortunately for the residents of Alaska, it is illegal to tether your dog to the roof of your car. It’s good news for the dogs though. Kansas City traffic lawyers are not strangers to strange laws. Attorneys are the ones who know how to fight bizarre violations like this. Just because you were unaware of the law doesn’t mean you should simply accept it without a fight. Get the help you need. While no one wants a speeding ticket, it’s a more understandable law. Imagine some of the other ways you can get in trouble. There’s no reason to put up with getting a ticket for something you didn’t even know was illegal in the first place without a fight.