A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Most Effective Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney

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People plan for retirement and vacations, not bankruptcy. So, when the unthinkable happens and bankruptcy is imminent, it’s essential to find the most effective and skilled bankruptcy attorney in the market.

Filing can be complicated, distressing and overwhelming. The overall emotional trauma of filing for bankruptcy can lead to blunders and mistakes for even the most competent individuals.

Considering these facts, consulting with a legal representative may be very beneficial; however, finding this representative also can present problems. To alleviate these concerns, we’ve compiled important information for you to consider as you search for an effective Kansas City bankruptcy attorney.

1. Experience Handling Bankruptcy Matters

Attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy law matter, but experience is crucial. Effective Kansas City bankruptcy attorneys will have more experience in this area of financial law than other attorneys, and part of your research should include how much work they have done in this specific category.

Check out their portfolios either online or ask to see them at initial personal consultations. A portfolio is a document summarizing the attorney’s previous cases over the course of their career and without this it may be difficult to determine the professional’s practical skills.

Ask how much actual experience they have had conducting bankruptcy proceedings. Knowing the law compared to time and experience practicing the law are two different things. In addition, ask how much time they plan to spend assessing your finances before they advise you on the best course of action. This can help gauge their dedication to you as the client.

2. Testimonials Carry Weight

In addition to previous cases, a portfolio will typically contain official project testimonials, which may be used as indicators of previous clients’ opinions of the attorney’s abilities or business acumen. Remember that while testimonials can be beneficial, there is the possibility that these may be fraudulent and may not be client feedback at all.

In order to avoid this deception, be sure to check out testimonials on third party websites regarding the bankruptcy attorney specifically and the practice. Take some time to copy and paste a testimonial in google or another online search browser to see what comes up and validate the review.

3. The Size of The Firm Plays a Role

There are various pros and cons to consider when it comes to consulting an attorney from a large firm compared with an attorney from a smaller firm. Larger firms can be popular because they employ many attorneys with different abilities. Smaller firms, on the other hand, usually have only one or two professionals whose experience or abilities may be limited. However, larger firms typically come with a higher price. As always, the choice is yours and your decision depends on your resources.

4. Qualifications Must Be Verified

It is vital that you verify the attorney’s qualifications and certification before hiring their services. Regulations vary by state regarding their legal bar, but one aspect remains the same—the professional must have a qualification in order to practice. You can look at each state’s bar association for the specific requirements for a law license here. (Clay/Jason: Would this be something to include?)

To ensure that you are being represented by an individual with the correct knowledge and status, it is essential that you always review the certificate during consultation.

As can be seen, there several items to consider when hiring a suitable and successful bankruptcy attorney. Kentner-Wyatt is a firm you can trust to handle your bankruptcy needs. Use this information and other items on our bankruptcy FAQs page to better understand your bankruptcy options and get a free consultation today.