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Declaring bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. Some people declare bankruptcy across the country, and it happens all the time. However, each individual has their reason as to why they are choosing this route. It is important to understand what some of these common reasons are. Speaking with a quality bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas City […]

Finding Quality Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorneys

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There are many potential mine fields to worry about when it comes to filing bankruptcy and getting that new start that you know you need. While some people have gone through the process of filing the paperwork on their own, or at least attempting to, there are many good reasons that you should be looking […]

Finding Your Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney

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Many people don’t like the idea of having to consider bankruptcy, and there does seems to be something of a stigma for some people about the idea of declaring bankruptcy. However in many cases this really is the best option to writing off debts and getting the new start that you need. A good attorney […]

Infographic – How Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers Serve The Metro

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Debt seems to be the omnipresent curse of the modern day consumer. The American economy currently operates under the assumption that individual consumers will use credit to finance a great deal of their economic activity. Sadly, many people fail to manage their debt properly. In the most extreme cases, bankruptcy may be the only solution. […]

What to expect at the First Meeting with your Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney

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You can certainly expect to feel a little nervous at least when you meet your Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney for that first consultation. After all, the thought of discussing the particulars of one’s personal financial affairs is in itself is a sensitive subject to broach with a complete stranger. Furthermore the term “Bankruptcy” itself has […]

Overview Of What A Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney Does

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Here’s a great overview of what we do as Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers. The United States of America has an article in the Constitution that allows the Congress to make a uniform law based on bankruptcy. This grant of authority enacted by Congress in 1978 is called the Bankruptcy Code. This code has been amended […]

Overview Of Bankruptcy Law By A Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Bankruptcy law is in place to provide for an elimination or reduction of burdensome debts. It can also be used to make a timeline for any repayment of debts that are non-dis-chargeable over a period of time. Bankruptcy law will permit an organization or individual to repay secured debts. Debts which are used as collateral […]