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General FAQs

If you’re interested in Kentner Wyatt Attorneys at Law for your legal representation in the Kansas City metro area, check out our general FAQs and request a free consultation. 

We offer up to 45-minute free consultations to assess your case.  Everything in the consultation is confidential.  However, this consultation does not form an attorney-client relationship and is only used to assess possible claims, defenses, eligibility, and cost of representation.  For one of attorneys to represent you, a formal agreement will need to be signed. 

We accept cash, check, money order, debit and credit card.  Processing fees could apply to debit and credit card payments. 

Once an agreement is signed and payment made, we can start representing you immediately. 

At Kentner Wyatt, LLC, we provide services to our clients directly! The phone number you call goes directly to one of our expert attorneys.  Having a small team allows us to keep our costs low for you in order to provide legal defense for those who might otherwise not afford it. 

We represent clients in both Kansas and Missouri in the Kansas City metro area.  For certain cases, we are willing to travel outside of the metro area to represent clients. 

We practice in the areas of consumer protection, bankruptcy, traffic, DUI/DWI, criminal defense, civil litigation, collections and collection defense. 

We are located in the heart of Kansas City on the Country Club Plaza at 435 Nichols Rd. Ste. 200 Kansas City MO 64112.

Important Facts about

Bankruptcy FAQs

Bankruptcy is a complex area of law. At Kentner Wyatt, LLC we work personally with each client in every case so that you feel protected and prepared. Here we provide you with an overview of filing for bankruptcy to help answer your Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to professionally assess your bankruptcy case.

If necessary, we can have your case filed within 48 hours or even immediately if we have the required documentation. However, most often when our clients have their first appointment, we provide an initial consultation to discuss their unique situation, give our recommendations, and educate them on the bankruptcy process. We don’t want our clients to feel any obligation to file simply by having an initial consultation. However, we are ready to support our clients that are ready to file and want to get started right away.

No documents are necessary for our initial free consultation. You will speak directly with professional, expert bankruptcy attorneys in Kansas City about an overview of your assets, income, and debts. If you have any documents you would like our attorney to review you may bring them with you. For the majority of initial consultations, a general overview of your unique case will be sufficient for us to provide legal advice and a plan on how to proceed.  We offer consultations by phone, Zoom video call, or in person. 

There are a few documents you should prepare for your Work Up appointment:

IRS and State Tax Returns for the past 2 years.

Pay information for the last 7 months.

Information about your debts.  You must include the name and address of the Creditor in your bankruptcy petition for the debt to be discharged. This includes collection agencies and tax bill. Credit reports are a great source of information for these documents. 

Any titles or registration for all vehicles registered to you.

Prior two months of bank statements on all open bank accounts.

A payment option for our initial down payment as discussed in the consultation.  Payment can be cash, check, money order, or debit card.

The cost of your bankruptcy case varies for each client.

After the initial consultation, our attorneys will offer you a quote for either a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.  We will customize the price to your individual case to offer the greatest benefit with the least cost to you. 

Our retainer fee is a minimum of $300 (non-refundable) to begin your case defense. The filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $338. The filing fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is $313 as of January 1, 2021.  

The bankruptcy petition will be filed once all fees are paid. At Kentner Wyatt, LLC we offer individualized payment plans for each client depending on their unique needs. We will discuss payment options at your free consultation.

For student loans to be eliminated through bankruptcy, most individuals have to show they have undue hardships. The majority of debtors are unable to eliminate their student loan debt.

Your court appearance, called the “Meeting of Creditors” (even though it is very rare for any creditor to attend) takes place approximately 30 days after your documents are filed. Currently, those meetings occur by phone and your attorney will be on the call with you. 

If you file a Chapter 7 case, you do not make payments on your unsecured debts (credit cards, medical bills, signature loans, etc.) However, if you have car or home loans and you are wanting to keep your property, you simply continue to make your payments directly to those creditors. 

In Chapter 13 cases, you will make payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee, who then distributes those payments to your creditors according to your directions in a document we prepare for you called a “Chapter 13 Plan.”

The minimum time period for a pay plan is 36 months, but most of our clients prefer a 60 month pay plan.

If a creditor contacts you, simply inform them that you have retained Kentner Wyatt to file bankruptcy and provide them with our contact information. Most creditors will then call our firm to verify that we have been retained by you to file bankruptcy. 

While most creditors will stop calling you after they have verified that you have in fact retained a bankruptcy attorney, they are not legally obligated to stop contacting you until your bankruptcy petition has been filed.

Generally, your attorney can be contacted during business hours, 5 days-a-week by email or by phone.

While our attorneys strive to provide the best possible service, it is generally easier for your attorney to respond by email as, at the time of your call, your attorney could be in court, with another client, etc. 

Kentner Wyatt, LLC is here to answer all your questions that you have in the bankruptcy process and strives to answer those questions as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, you can’t declare bankruptcy on your medical bills only.  Even though medical debt may be one of the main reasons for filing for bankruptcy, you won’t be able to eliminate your debt because of outstanding medical bills.