How to Handle Auto Dealership Fraud

Price Sticker On Used Car Lot

If Auto Dealer Fraud Strikes

Buying a car can feel like a full-time job. After you have spent the time researching, locating, test-driving, and purchasing a new car, the last thing you need is car problems.

Do you have regrets about your car purchase? Are you concerned you could be the victim of auto dealer fraud? Battling a dealership seems ominous, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right litigation and litigation attorney, you can protect your consumer rights.

First Steps

Just exactly what is auto dealership fraud? This term refers to deceptive and unlawful practices used by car dealerships throughout the vehicle purchase process. Examples of auto dealer fraud include:

  • False advertising
  • Disclosure issues
  • Unethical negotiation of vehicle pricing and financial terms
  • Bait and switch
  • Failure to disclose essential information about a vehicle
  • Mileage or odometer rollback (the Truth in Mileage Act makes odometer fraud a federal crime)
  • Car warranty scams

This list is not exhaustive, but no matter what the specific issue is, you, the consumer, are dealing with economic loss of some capacity. If you are concerned that your consumer rights were violated, follow these steps.

  1. First go straight to the dealer. Many states require the consumer to confront the dealer before any further action can take place.
  2. Next, you can contact the Better Business Bureau or your state agency. Filing a complaint with your state agency’s consumer protection division often means contacting the state attorney general. Since consumer protection statutes vary by state, make sure to learn your state’s suggested procedures.
  3. If needed, contact your state’s attorney general.

Seek Legal Advice

Once you have taken these steps, legal action may be necessary. At Kentner Wyatt in Kansas City, the firm’s consumer protection services specialize in auto dealership fraud. Both Missouri and Kansas provide powerful consumer statutes to protect you in these specific situations, and Kentner Wyatt wants to help you get the most out of these statutes.

Your consumer fraud lawyer will evaluate your case and explain all your options. Consider asking how many cases, specifically of auto dealer fraud, that the lawyer has tried. Ask how often the lawyer settles out of court (saving you time and money), what the fees and costs are, and what the next steps would be.

Hiring a consumer fraud lawyer who specializes in auto dealer fraud will also help you know the difference between a Lemon Law case and a Dealer Fraud case. This matters. Auto dealer fraud involves improper or unethical tactics used by the dealer itself, whereas a lemon law case involves problems or defects with the actual vehicle.

If you are concerned about auto dealer fraud and want to discuss your consumer rights, contact Kentner Wyatt today for a free consultation.