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Why You Should Consider a Traffic Lawyer in Kansas City

Keep your Insurance Rates Down

Fight to stay out of jail and get the best possible outcome for your case. Being charged with any type of criminal charge is a serious matter. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, criminal charges can have a devastating impact on your life. Don’t put your future in the hands of an amateur. 

Keep your Vacation Time

Going to court and waiting to talk to the judge can take HOURS. For many violations, defendants do not have to attend court hearings, IF they hire an attorney. This allows you to stay at work and earn money to pay for fines instead of having to miss work or use your vacation days. If you do have to attend court with an attorney, the time spent in the courtroom is still considerably less than if you represent yourself because most courts will call cases of defendants who are represented by an attorney first.

Keep Your License

Each time you plead guilty to a traffic violation, you move one step closer to losing your license for months or possibly even years.  Get too many speeding tickets and the State will suspend your license for a period of time.  Some violations will lead to an immediate suspension or even jail time with a guilty plea.  Before you decide to just plead guilty, seek the advice of a competent traffic attorney.  It could save your license and maybe even keep you out of jail.  Is saving a few hundred dollars really worth your freedom?

If you have lost your license, we can help get it back

If you didn’t take the advice above and went ahead and plead guilty to the traffic charge which resulted in a suspension of your license, it’s not too late to get it back! Time is of the essence as most courts will allow a guilty plea to be set aside within a specific period of time. If you have had your license suspended and want to try to get it back, contact us immediately!

Need a Traffic Lawyer in Kansas City?

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