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Experience A Fresh Start In Life

Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy, but it happens to the best of us. Before you realize what’s happening all you can think about is ending the harassing phone calls and getting out of the hole of debt you can’t climb out of. At Kentner Wyatt, LLC our goal is to facilitate your bankruptcy process so it’s as efficient and easy as possible. Become debt free and breathe a sigh of relief.


Let An Expert Bankruptcy Attorney Handle It

erasing debt using a kansas city bankruptcy lawyerHaving made thousands of courtroom appearances our Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers are equipped to handle the most complex cases, both personal and small business. We’ve facilitated so many bankruptcy cases that we’ve learned how to get the job quickly, effectively and honorably. Experience will be your greatest ally in your bankruptcy case. At Kentner Wyatt, LLC our experience is at your full disposal.


Use The Best Without Breaking The Bank

Many people don’t realize it, but because the bankruptcy court monitors attorney fees, all bankruptcy attorneys charge nearly the same fees. Hire someone you can trust who has the experience and expertise to make this difficult process easier for you. We offer affordable rates with flexible payment plans. We know that attorney fees are a major concern for all of our clients filing for bankruptcy. At Kentner Wyatt, LLC we believe no one should lose out on the benefits of filing for bankruptcy because of fees. We will work with you to make an arrangement we can both live with.


Experience What It Means To Be Valued

We never want our clients to feel like a number. We make sure we always have a low attorney to client ratio and hands-on attorney service. You will have your documents prepared by your attorney rather than staff members you’ve never met and we never require our clients to fill out worksheets. If you call with questions an attorney will do their best to assist you at that time and if not, you will receive a phone call back within one business day. Most cases are prepared, finalized and signed on the same day with you and your attorney working together in his or her private office.


Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

We will quote you an upfront, flat fee – no hidden charges. And for our Hispanic clients, there will never be a translation fee. Contact Kentner Wyatt, LLC for a free confidential one hour consultation with an attorney, not a paralegal.

Consultations are always free. Call or email today. Get a fresh start in life.