Anyone Can Wind Up Needing A Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyer

No one plans on needing a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer at some point in their life, but a lot of people find themselves in impossible financials situations that require one. Not everyone can get out of the debt that they have on their own. While having a shopping addiction can land some people in financial trouble, this is not commonly the cause. More often than not some kind of crisis occurs, and there either isn’t any savings or there isn’t enough to deal with the fallout. For most people, medical costs are what lead them to needing to file for bankruptcy. A Harvard study found that over half of all bankruptcies filed were due to medical expenses that people could not pay for. Sadly, 78% of those people had some form of health insurance. No matter how prepared you are, bad things can happen and take a massive toll on your finances. When medical bills have ruined your life, led to harassing phone calls from bill collectors, and left you with zero money at the end of the month, a bankruptcy attorney can help you get a fresh start, and live your life again. Losing a job, and therefore income, is the second most common cause for bankruptcy filings. Many people are at a complete loss once their income is gone, and the bills keep coming in. Often medical problems lead to job loss, resulting in higher bills and lost income. In the past decade especially, many people have experienced layoffs without comparable jobs waiting to replace their income. It isn’t easy to start over. Bankruptcy is sometimes the only option for those who have been jobless or at low paying jobs for years. The third most common cause of bankruptcy filings is too much credit card debt. Whether it’s borrowing more than you can afford, or missing payments on your credit cards, bankruptcy is sometimes the only way to get past a mountain of debt that would otherwise take a lifetime to pay off. There’s no doubt that debt can ruin your life. If you have been missing payments on loans or credit cards, using debt to pay for your normal bills or on other debts, or are facing court with collections, it’s time to call a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. A separation or divorce is incredibly difficult on many levels. Divorces bring tons of legal expenses, force the dividing of assets, and usually involve some type of child support or alimony payments. It’s incredibly expensive when it’s all said and done. A bankruptcy can give those reeling from the fallout of a divorce the new start they need to make it. Finally, the fifth most common cause behind a bankruptcy is simply unforeseen expenses. Most people don’t have the money to replace their car, much less their home. When something like this is lost, it can create problems in other financial aspects as well. When everything else is falling apart, take comfort in this. There is somewhere you can turn to. Find a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney to help you turn your life around, and move on from the past.