5 Reasons Americans File With A Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyers

Causes Of Bankruptcy Lawyer Kansas City

We can’t see the future, and although no one deliberately makes decisions that lead to needing a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer, it happens all the time. Debt accrues interest, fees, and grows beyond what many would ever imagine. At some point, it’s simply unmanageable. Excessive spending or the use of credit cards is only one possible reason. A lot of the time, unforeseen circumstances arise and leave people in financial devastation that can not be undone given the monthly income they make every year. At the top of the list for reasons to file for bankruptcy is medical expenses. Surprisingly, more than half of all bankruptcies filed are due to medical expenses. A Harvard study done found that it accounted for approximately 62% of bankruptcies. Out of those that filed, 78% had health insurance of some kind. Bad things happen to good people all the time, and a bankruptcy can wind up being your best option regardless of the precautions you take and the way you plan for your finances. Instead of enduring mounting debt, harassment from bill collectors, and the stress and anxiety that a medical crisis brings, talk with a bankruptcy attorney to find out how to get free from your financial burdens. Losing a job, and therefore income, is the second most common cause for bankruptcy filings. When you need a job to pay your bills, it’s easy to see how you can wind up in a bad financial predicament without one. Unfortunately medical issues often go hand in hand with job loss, meaning that many lose out on income exactly when they need more. In the past decade especially, many people have experienced layoffs without comparable jobs waiting to replace their income. It isn’t easy to start over. Bankruptcy is sometimes the only option for those who have been jobless or at low paying jobs for years. In the middle of the list of bankruptcy causes is excessive borrowing or too much credit card debt. Some people are chronic spenders, while others start to miss payments on credit cards that eventually snowball into massive debts. The problem with debts is that what you owe only grows. It’s easy to see how missed loan or credit card payments can quickly get out of hand. There’s no doubt that debt can ruin your life. If you have been missing payments on loans or credit cards, using debt to pay for your normal bills or on other debts, or are facing court with collections, it’s time to call a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. There is no part of your life that separation or divorce doesn’t touch. Many don’t realize the financial strain that comes along with it. Dividing assets, paying legal fees, and dealing with child support or alimony payments can sometimes leave people with depleted savings and little income left over to pay bills and live. A bankruptcy can give those reeling from the fallout of a divorce the new start they need to make it. Finally, the fifth most common cause behind a bankruptcy is simply unforeseen expenses. If you don’t have the savings to handle major costs, such as losing your home in an earthquake, or buying a new car after an accident, it can lead to a snowball effect in other financial arenas. Regardless of what the cause is, one thing is for sure. Rather than allowing the rest of your life to be ruined, get a hold of a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney. They can help you pick up the pieces, get a new start, and move on to the life that you want.